dynamic roadmap

made by mfers for mfers
i started this project with the idea of just creating mfer art and building a dope community.
the community and i saw a lot of potential for this little monster i created so i started with adding my best skill to the roadmap.
giving back.
the roadmap is what the community sees the best fit.


the split

22% of mint proceeds airdropped to the first 420 wallets to mint (goal acheived) any wallets which sold v1s were cut from the 420 wallets.


anyone who was part of the split also has access to lifetime royalties. once v1 hits 100K USD in secondary sales, there will be a 18% payout which will be airdropped to the original 420 wallets.


to check the rarity of your abducting mfer head over to: https://www.gem.xyz/collection/abucting-mfers-deployer-1/

holder perks - rebates only valid for mints


there are many eyes on our project/community.
i will always try to select projects with the best communities that align with our interests.


there will be secret holder giveaways in the telegram chat and public giveaways with project collabs. these will NEVER end.


the split

15% of mint proceeds airdropped to a total of 1500 wallets.
the first 500 wallets were obtained from a v1 minting promo i ran (early access to v2 split) and the second 500 were the first 500 unique wallets to mint v2. everything has been snapshotted through etherscan and the blockchain does not lie. any wallets which sell their v2s before the splits go out will not get a cut. there will be a wallet verification performed before the splits are sent out to holders.
there will be another 500 wallets to receive 5% (starting at holder 760). this is meant to bring in new holders. there will always be loopholes but if you do not use a new wallet, you will not be recorded.
BREAKDOWN: 500 wallets from the V1 deal get 5% // first 500 wallets from v2 get 5% // and 500 from this new deal get 5%. 15% total // 1500 wallets


anyone who was part of the split also has access to lifetime royalties. once v2 hits 100K USD in secondary sales, there will be a 22% payout which will be airdropped to the original 1500 wallets.

holder perks - rebates only valid for mints

the creator utility

i am putting my focus on current and future creators for this utility.
owning 15+ V1’s + V2’s will allow you to send me layers + customized traits for a project you’re creating.
i will turn the layers into generative art with full-on metadata for your project


V1 and V2 will be able to be used alone or together to stake on our platform.
Rarities will be embedded onto the platform for different tiers of staking. The higher the ranking of your nfts, higher the tier you will be moved into for %'s. If you do not have high ranking nfts, you can purchase more lower ranks off opensea and combine them to move you up in staking tiers.
UFO Token (ERC 20) / ETH: we will leverage the UFO token and fund $30,000 in the liquidity pool.
Auto Compounding: you will be able to put your UFO tokens earned from staking right back into your staking wallet. example: if you earn $10 in UFO tokens from staking, you can take those tokens and put it right back into the pool to stake. this increases your stake size thus increasing your payout over time. you will be able to enable or disable the auto-compounder based on preference.
staking: %’s adjusted based on a tier system (the more rare your bundle the higher tier you are)
holding only a v2 or v1: can claim 50% UFO tokens
holding both v2 and v1: can claim 100% UFO tokens
Staked withdraw at any time: you DO NOT have to be locked into any sort of staking contract. you can withdraw funds at ANY time.
supply of UFO tokens: 100,000,000
Website to stake: abductingcollective.com


we are working with mferbox on developing a p2e game.
for our p2e game: earn abilities won't be available right away but will be implemented as we grow eta for game mint with @themferbox: JULY 1ST BETA 1
p2e: easter egg and bounty finds (eth)
holding only a v2 or v1: can claim 50% of eth
holding both v2 and v1: can claim 100% of eth


you must be a holder of v1 or v2 to take part in our giveaways. holding a v1 and a v2 will be more beneficial for you when claiming eth winnings (please read the bottom sentence in non-irl perks image above).


the only way to get a free v3 mint is MINTING a v2 and holding a v1.
if you bought a v1 off the floor on opensea, you are in the clear but in order to get a free v3 mint, you will have to mint a v2.
airdropped v2’s to v1 secret message holders count for a v3 free mint. (already snapshotted)
for staking you do not have to mint to be able to stake in v2. any v1’s or v2’s bought off the floor are in the clear.



the utility is a heavily discounted price for the last volume of the collective

The Split

anyone holding 4 V2's and 4 V1's will be part of the revenue split for V3
split %: 5
split payout date: after the last volume sellout


as most of you may know, there is a way to stake your V1's (the system is a bit broken at the moment but it is possible) - abductingcollective.com
my plan is to get v1, v2, and v3 staking complete by the end of August.
the utility behind the v1 ufo token is merch claims


some may think releasing different versions may be just a cash grab method but it is far from that. we are 4 months old, so sometimes the best features take time to perfect and implement. my long term goal for this project is for it to become a hub for financial and educational gain.

The Final Volume for the Collective

this collection is the last volume to tie V1, V2, and V3 together.
each alien has a v1, v2, and v3 trait on top of some bonus traits crafted by the community to pair with your ships.
long live the abducting collective.


utility? not much. it’s to top off the collective with some frens to join your ships.
our mission is to fully complete the collective (collection-wise) and to start focusing on building up each volume one by one. starting with the v1 ufo tokens and merch.

DAO - 6 month timeline for release

owning the final volume collection will give you entry into the DAO when launched.
this is your ticket to being a voting member.
what does this mean?
you will be able to stake this final collection in order to earn DAO tokens.
the more DAO tokens you have from your staked final collection, the more rights you will have when it comes to voting power for the treasury. you will also be able to trade your DAO tokens for eth if voting doesn’t appeal to you.
remember, the DAO won’t be launched for another 6 months, but something important to keep in mind.
75 is Whale Status.
There will only be 99 members allowed in the DAO.
The first ones to be able to join the DAO will be our whales in our whale chat.
After that, I will open it up to our telegram chat.

Whale Status

if you have 35 V1's, 35 V2's, 150 V3's, or 75 Final Volume - you can message me to verify your status so I can add you to the whale chat.